Doubts Lead Man UTD, Felix Opted Out

  • 16 November 2019
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It was claimed by Man UTD that they will not sign Joao Felix into the club because of their fears about his stature. Felix was added in the wish list of Manchester United along with other players since last summer. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the boss for Manchester United. He has been a huge admirer of Felix. It was also reported that the Red Devils were willing to pay as much as £105million to obtain his services towards the club.

Felix represents Portugal for international games and he finally joined Atletico Madrid. According to The Athletic, it was decided by the United Brass to not pursue with the wonderkid from Portugal as they were concerned whether he will be able to deal with the physicality that is required for playing in the Premier League.

It was also claimed that concerns came from the side of Manchester United about the brilliant transfer fee that was a record for them. They even claimed that Felix failed in justifying and explaining his huge price tag. But the concerns from the Red Devils might have been misplaced as the young player has flourished much when playing for his international team. So far, Felix has been able to score three goals and has provided assistance to one that came from the side of Diego Simeone.

Joao Felix has had a strong start since he joined Atletico Madrid. But someone still feels that the forward has much more to give to the club. He said about Felix that when someone likes to play with the ball and participate in games for his team, it gives a different level of enthusiasm within the player. When asked about the goal, he said it was Felix’s match and he was totally involved in it. He also got into the rhythm of the game quickly and so that goal came for the club.


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