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We're a bunch of dedicated Manchester United fans, all hoping to offer our unique opinions on all aspects of the Reds that we know and care about - with various specialisms in the Accounts, the Tactics and one of the crew with self-professed 'insider knowledge' (we're not allowed to ask!)

We do all of this whilst performing averagely in our day jobs, and living for the weekend (well, the next match!) Some of us have kids, which adds an extra commitment that means it can be hard to get out of the door before the big game (with some of the kids big enough to keep us pinned to the ground if they wanted to!)

If you'd like to join our team, and possibly even join us for a beer or two before kick-off at home matches, send us an email :)

I.L.Galloway [at]

PS. I'm afraid we don't post casino / poker links, so please don't get in touch if that is all you want to know! :S