De Gea scuppers Gareth Bale move

  • 28 January 2016
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The summer transfer window of 2015 finished in a very climatic way as reports were flooding social media claiming that Real Madrid was able to sign David de Gea on the deadline day and after it was believed that the Spanish shot-stopper was going to join Real Madrid.

De Gea and Bale

It was later discovered that the transfer was not going to happen due to the paperwork not being delivered in time.

Real Madrid and Manchester United are going through a blame war; one club is blaming the other for the sudden collapse of the transfer but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which club has the fault for this failed transfer - it won’t make a difference knowing what happened behind the scenes but what does matter is the fact that David de Gea will remain in Old Trafford, and has now signed a new contract.

Due to this failed transfer it does not seem like Real Madrid and Manchester United will be making any transfers between themselves anytime soon as their relations have taken a turn for the worse.

After it was announced that David de Gea would not be making his move to the Santiago Bernabeu, the president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez released a statement which read: "At 13.30, Manchester United already had the contracts. We sent the contracts to Manchester United at 13.30 and they took eight hours until they sent back the papers.

"We don't understand why they took eight hours to see the contracts and we don't understand that if they wanted to negotiate, they waited until the last moment, thing are finished with United and we will not deal with them ever again."

Manchester United has been attempting to sign Gareth Bale for the past few months but trying to sign the Welshman now seems like an impossible mission. Louis van Gaal had made him a priority signing to try and bring some excitement to the Man United matches - thier turgid form and 12 consecutive 0-0 half-tme results have meant fans staying away from the ground in favour of watching them on TV!? (On the plus side it means that there are often tickets available - Click here to check for their next game against Stoke on Tuesday.

Trying to sign Gareth Bale was already an extremely difficult thing to do but after the incident involving David de Gea, it just doesn’t seem like it will be happening.

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