• 5 April 2014
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A few days ago Manchester United battled it out against Bayern Munich as they played each other for the 1st leg of the Champions League match which kicked off in Old Trafford and goals from Nemanja Vidic and Bastian Schweinsteiger forcer a draw.

There were a few controversial moments that occurred during the match and one of those incidents arrived when the German midfielder Schweinsteiger was sent off of the pitch after a challenge he made against Wayne Rooney and even though replays displayed minimal contact between both of the players, the referee Carlos Velasco Carballo decided to give Schweinsteiger his 2nd yellow card and he was sent off of the pitch.

Schweinsteiger’s challenge appeared to have touched the ball first and later it brought down Rooney, which should not be considered a foul but nonetheless, the 29 years old midfielder left the pitch and is now unable to play for the 2nd leg. If you reckon United can pull off a memorable coup, why not use our partner's £100 Welcome Bonus - Bet now!.

When the match concluded, Rooney said that he did not dive and try to send out of the match Schweinsteiger as the English forward genuinely stated that he believes it to have been a foul and the referee made the correct decision.

"I thought it was a foul. If I didn't get out of the way he could have hurt me. I didn't try to get him sent off. He's gone in with his studs and the referee has booked him, so it's not my decision. He's a great player and he's obviously someone they will miss and Javi Martinez as well being suspended but they have a great squad of players who can come in." Rooney said.

The absence of Schweinsteiger will be a huge blow for Pep Guardiola and his squad but Bayern Munich still remain as favorites on not only getting into the finals of the Champions League but being claimed as the champions as well.

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