Rio: I can't Stand Losing!

  • 5 August 2009

Rio Ferdinand has told Zoo he can't stand losing!

"I hate losing," he said. "When I lose a game, my parents can't get hold of me for days - I won't speak to them. They text me and say they know I'm upset but just want to say hello. And I won't have it - I'm a bad loser. Ask the groundsman or anyone.

"If I walk in from training and I've lost, I know people look at me and think, 'Yep, he lost today'. I can't help it."

And he also reveals in Zoo magazine how, as a spectator, he walked out of a ground last season before the final whistle to avoid embarrassing himself.

He recalled: "I was in the stands for our 2-1 win at Wigan, near the end of the season. They scored first and their fans were turning round and giving it this and that towards me. Then we scored and I was the loudest person in the directors' box. I turned to Darren Fletcher next to me and said, 'If they score again, I'm in trouble'.

"After our winner I left straight away. I had to because if I'd gone nuts and they scored again, I'd have been so embarrassed. I drove home, kept the radio off and texted a mate to see if we'd won. I'm a bad watcher, a bad loser... the lot."

Zoo magazine is on sale today.

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