• 26 July 2012
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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that the top priority for the club in the new season is to reclaim the title back from Manchester City. Manchester United finished in the second position last season after they lost the title in the last few matches of the campaign. The club have a great tradition of winning titles in every season after finishing second in the previous campaign. They have achieved this record in the last five occasions they have finished in the second position. Manchester United have made some key signings in the form of Dortmund midfielder Kagawa.

The fans would have been hoping for a much bigger arrival in the form of Hazard, but they certainly know who to trust with the transfers at Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson is looking to help Manchester United win the 20th Premier league title, but most importantly, it will be getting the title of the hands off Manchester City that counts the most for the Scot. Even though Manchester United came out of the European competitions at a much early stage, Sir Alex Ferguson has said that the priority is to win the league this season more than anything else.

"We want to recover the title. That's an important part of the history of our club over the last 20 years – we either win the title or come second. You have to recover, as we've done many times, and that's our target this year. Priority No 1: to win the title back. I think if you look back over different periods of recovery, when Arsenal won the title from us in 1998 we went and won the treble the next year. So we accepted that challenge and did something about it," said Ferguson ahead of the pre-season tour for Manchester United.

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