• 14 January 2014
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Despite being eliminated from the FA Cup, losing against Sunderland in the 1st leg of the Capital One Cup and consistent run of poor performances, David Moyes says that he sudden change in Manchester United is not because of the changes in coaches and the Scottish tactician will not change what he has been doing since being appointed as the coach of the club.

“You continue to do what you have been doing. If you have to change it, it suggests you were doing the wrong things in the first place, but we are not and the things we have been doing are right. In management, you are going to lose games. I don’t know any manager who hasn’t lost games and you have to go through it at some point of your career’’.

“Obviously, if you are not winning it can affect confidence and that is a big part of football. But prior to this run, we won six successive games and we were not talking about confidence after that’’.

“The players have been very good, in the main. We just need things to go for us, we need to play better and take our chances. I think the performances have been fine. There have been things that have gone against us, decisions which haven’t helped, but I think we have played pretty well’’. Moyes stated.

The moment since Manchester United saw Sir. Alex Ferguson make his departure away from the club, it just seems as if everything has been going downhill for them. It will be a miracle if Moyes is able to secure at least 1 piece of silverware in this season as all paths are leading them to suffer from having a year that will leave them with nothing to add to their collection of accolades and achievements.

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