• 1 May 2012
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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that his team will certainly lose the chance to retain the title if they lose against Manchester City in the Manchester derby on Monday night.

Many have been predicting that this is the biggest Manchester derby of all time, as both teams will be coming into the match with an opportunity to win the title. It is more difficult for Manchester City because they have to win in order to have any chance of winning the title. However, even a draw is sufficient for Manchester United, as they will be heading into the remaining two matches with a three-point advantage.

Due to the tense nature of the competition, both managers have been looking to play down the affair by saying that the opposition are more favourites to win the title. Mancini has been the first one to use this mind games for the benefit of his team. A few weeks ago, Mancini said that United are now the Champions for this season. This led into the hands of his team, as City have been spectacular since then. They have been scoring a lot of goals, while the opposite has happened for Manchester United. United will be facing Sunderland and Swansea, while City will be facing Newcastle and QPR.

"If they beat us, I think they will probably go on to win the title. If we draw we'll be strong favourites but we will be trying to win. There will be no talk about trying not to lose the game. With those two games City have a great chance," Ferguson said ahead of the match between the two great rivals. Mancini said that United have a much easier run-in than City, as they will be facing Swansea and Sunderland – both teams have nothing to play for in the season.

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