Fergie Happy with Attack

  • 2 October 2007

Sir Alex Ferguson has no worries about Manchester United's attack, despite the fact that United have scored just seven goals in eight games so far this season!

He said: "All the front players have been slow to get on to their game - that's understandable with Wayne with his injury and Tevez missing pre-season.

"They are getting better and will continue to do that. I think the partnership is good, using Wayne as a more advanced player and Carlos dropping in.

"They have that understanding, there are moments when Wayne drops in or drifts to the side but that's not a problem for us, it keeps our flow going.

"We know that Wayne can penetrate, that Cristiano Ronaldo can penetrate, and Carlos can in a different way, so I'm happy with that and I don't think there's a problem at all.

"Good players with the ability they have got will soon gel."

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