David De Gea happy to win over Man Utd fans

  • 25 November 2013
  • webmaster

David De Gea, the Manchester United goalkeeper, has stated that winning over Manchester United fans has been very proud moment. De Gea has retrieved from a shaky beginning to life at Old Trafford to become an important member of new manager David Moyes' team this season.

David Moyes has already praised him and he has also got support from the fans of the club and now the Spanoard has talked about all his happiness in Manchester United. According to reports, De Gea told that when a footballer wins over a club's fans, it is a very proud moment. These are the people who pay money to come to watch you each week. He added that the footballer owe this to them and gives his best for the team. It makes him very happy when fans chant his name.

De Gea is also happy with his present form, and he believes that finally he is at his best since he joined the English giants from Atletico Madrid in the year 2011. He told that he feels like this is mainly a great moment in his career and he expect to carry on the same form in time to come. In Manchester United, he feels like he is always improving his game and more than that he want to make sure that he would be able to continue his form. He believes that it is very important to be the support of the manager.

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