• 15 October 2012
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Manchester United are hoping that they will be able to reduce the number of injury problems that they have been suffering in recent seasons following the open of the new medical Centre. Manchester United have spent close to £ 15 million on the new medical Centre at the club's Carrington training ground. Manchester United have been one of the worst affected clubs in recent seasons in terms of the number of injuries. There have been many times during the last three seasons when Manchester United have been left with only one recognised defender at the back.

The condition exists even know when the club have only Nemanja Vidic as the recognised centre back in the opening few matches of the season. As a result of the lack of a proper defence, Manchester United lost in the match against Everton. In order to avoid such crucial dropped points, the club have invested heavily in terms of bringing up a new state of the art medical centre. It will be at the club's Carrington training ground, and it will have all the latest equipment like MRI and CT scans. The whole facility has cost the club close to £ 15 million.

“Ángelo has made a tremendous impact on the game in his short career so far. His pace is a great asset and he reads the game really well for someone of such a young age. Shinji is a top class player who did great in Germany and we’re lucky to have him. He is just a clever footballer who gets into those great positions where it’s difficult for other teams to pick him up. He’s always on the move which makes it easier for the midfielders to find him and he really fits in with the way we play,” Ferguson said.

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